Sunday, February 28, 2016


I woke up this morning,

remembered, Ha! it was you birthday!

i was to buy you something,

was it a pair of red running shoes...hmm?

...i forget.

I was to forget you were tired - so you said,

of my running round behind your back.

I was to forget that grave accusation,

borne of evidence only you knew,

and to forget this happened,

the eve after i informed you,

my goats were readying to cross into your fathers land.

I was to forget your graduation in December,

your nephews baptism,

your aunt Nyamburas' wake.

the Ndakaini run in September,

all of it,

...i was to forget.

I will remember however,

to tell my friends not to come,

mother not to cook,

M'mudi not to bake,

Nagin not to forge,

tell forget.

I will remember tomorrow,

to heed your request,


i will banish my thoughts and tuck away the memories,

bury them and forget where i did.


i will get back,

to forgetting.

that i promise!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It Should not matter

It should not matter,
how this morning i woke,
to whom this day i spoke,
the challenges that came,
if i lost or gained.

It should not matter,
if my life is according to plan,
the state of health i am,
or of those i call my clan.

It should not matter,
the maize in my fields,
the value of my stock,
my hens, my prized cockerel.

It should not matter,
which lady i fancy,
her age,her trade,
progress with her made.

but why should it to you?
that you and me,
and all that mattered,
along with it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

In the beginning

In the beginning was her smile,
Caught my eye, it held for a while
Her beauty,

A flash of a thought,
slow feet.
From walk to trot,
approached i.
to put name to face,
face to from
her whereabouts to know

In the beginning.
a game,
that goes by common name
the hunt,
the chase,
caught in the intrigues.
of numbers,
impulsive adventures,
nocturnal chats,
palatable excitement.

In the beginning,
was not intent,
such intense.
to carry her heart in mine.

In the beginning
she was she.
i was i.
the her and me.

The Split

Today i broke her heart,
told her we should part.
Because of me she cried a river
wondering why id want to leave her.
Today she prayed for mercy,
and i for forgiveness,
...and as i left she asked me "why"
"Goodbye!" my only reply.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've Moved

I've moved,
with sacks,
and socks of mine.

closer to tranquil,

I've moved,
removed i,
from proximity of you.

the lies,
that about you buzz,
over rotting carcass.

I've moved,
in heart,
in mind,

Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm Interested

I'm interested;
in how you woke today,
in the dream you dreamt last night,
in the time alone you spent.

I'm interested;
in how you mother is,
in your fathers persistent whiz,
and that your unruly brother.

I'm interested;
in the colors you like,
in the things that bring you delight,
in your worries, your cares.

I'm interested;
in the color of your eyes
in your dimples when you smile
and when you anger, that frown.

I'm interested loving you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Your picture on a poster.
your face,
the dark of your eyes, soft.
the curves of your lips, smooth.
a dimple.

Perched above.
a feast,
for hungry waking eyes.
a salve,
for eyes sore from longer days.

as drift i;
from sleep
and all day
those eyes
that smile

Thursday, November 01, 2007

If you want

If you want,
hearts can sing again,
sing to end of rain,
sing liberated by pain,
sing to another start.

If you want,
farce of casual friendship will fade,
that of a deeper one invade,
filling empty spaces deep,
with joy,with happiness and laughter.

If you want,
your captive i will be,
where the world is you and me,
never loyalty to doubt
a pledge, with mind,with heart.

If you want,
then let it be
again that you and me
and life...we will make it be
a greater you and me.